Rubber Antioxidant DTPD(3100)

Chemical Name: N,N'-Bis(methylphenyl)-1,4-benzenediamine.

CAS: 27417-40-9

MF: C20H20N2

Appearance   brownish grey granules 
Initial melting point (dry) ℃    90-100 
Heating loss (65℃, 3h)%  ≤0.5 
Ash(800±25℃) %     ≤0.3

Properties & Application: It has good resistance to ozone, excellent anti-flex cracking performance. It can be used for sizing materials; suitable for load tires, cross-country tires and various tires and bias-ply tires.

Packing & Storage: 25 KG/bag, In paper bag lined with film. Stored in draughty and dry place, protect against fire, rain and dampness. 
Shelf life is one year.

Company Info

Henan Wising Chem Co., Ltd