Optical brightener OB-1


Chemical Name:2,2-(4,4’- Vinyl Biphenyl) Dual Benzoxazole

CAS NO.:1533-45-5

Molecular Formula:C28H18N2O2   

C.I. NO. :393

Molecular Weight:414.4

Structural Formula: 

Appearance yellowish green powder
Content(weight) 98.0% Min
Melting Point 353-359℃
Fineness through 1000 meshes

Solubility:insoluble in water,but soluble in high boiling point organic solvent  such as phenyl-chloride

Properties & Features:

①  Whitening high strength, strong fluorescence.

②  Wide applicable performance, widely used in polyester fiber (such as: polyester fiber, nylon fiber whitening) and many kinds of plastic whitening.

③  Excellent thermal stability and very fewer usage amounts.

Range of application:

①  Suitable for polyester fiber (PSF), nylon fiber and chemical fiber whitening.

②  Applicable to PP, PVC, ABS, PA, PS, PC, PBT plastic whitening brightening, with excellent whitening effect.

③  Suitable for whitening agent concentrated masterbatch added (such as: LDPE color concentrate)

Recommended dosage: every 1000Kg polymer added amount of Optical brightener OB-1:

①  dosage in polyester fiber  75-300g.(75—300ppm)

②  dosage in Rigid PVC ,PP,ABS,Nylon,PC  20-50g.(20—50ppm).

③  dosage in whitening concentrated masterbatch 5-7kg.(0.5—0.7%).

Note: For PE and soft PVC using fluorescent Optical brightener OB-1, special attention should be paid to the amount of control, excessive dosage will happen brightener migration. Add any UV absorber in the polymer, the best dosage should pay attention to adjust Optical brightener OB-1

Handling and storage: As with all industrial chemicals, use good industrial practices when handling. Avoid eye, skin, and clothing contact.Do not inhale. Do not taste or swallow. Use only with adequate ventilation. Keep container tightly closed in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place.

Packaging:25kg fiber drums within double PE bags;Or according to user requirements packaging.

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