Optical brightener FP-127

Chemical name: 4,4'-bis(2-methoxystyryl)-1,1'-biphenyl

CAS NO.: 40470-68-6; 164908-53-6

Molecular formula: C30H26O2

Molecular weight: 418.5262

C.I.NO.: 378


Item Index
Appearance light yellow or ivory crystal powder
Melting point 216-222℃
Purity ≥99.00%
Maximum absorption peak 368nm
Maximum fluorescence reflection 436nm
Specific gravity 1.23g/m3

Application scope: The product has fine brightening effect on various plastic products, especially on PVC and polypropylene products. In addition, it has reasonable brightening effect on artificial leather products.

Recommand dosage: 0.01-0.05%.

Packing: 25 kg cartons, paper bucket, paper bags, or according to customer requirements.

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