Light Stabilizer 783

Chemical Name: 50% HALS 944+50% HALS 622

Formula:[C35H66N8]n (n=4-5); H[C15H25O4N]nOCH3

CAS NO.:70624-18-9(944)+65447-77-0(622)


Appearance White powder or light-yellow granules
Melting Range 55-130℃
Volatile Matter ≤0.5%
Relative Density 1.11g/cm3
Light Transmittance 425nm: ≥90.0%;450nm: ≥93.0%
Ash Content ≤0.1%

Solubility:Soluble in acetone, ethyl acetate;  Insoluble in water

Features and Application Area:783 is a synergistic mixture of HALS 944 and HALS 622. 783 is an excellent light stabilizer with lasting stabilizing effect against light and heat, low volatility, extraction resistance, particularly effective in PP fiber, tape, thin, and thick LLDPE, LDPE products.

Cautions:Avoid direct sunlight, moisture, high temperature, substances with sulfur or halogen such as some stabilizers, flame retardants and pesticides. Testing required before use

Package & Storage:25kg carton inner with plastic bag or  as customer's requirement


Product Description:Woven Bags,Electrical Appliances,Functional Films,Drip Irrigation Belts,Geomembranes,Waterproof Clothes,

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