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5, 5'(oxy-bis(methylene))bis-2-furfural(OBMF)

The products from the etherification of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural can be used as raw materials to prepare polyamide and polyimide bio-based polymeric materials and can also be used to synthesize heterocyclic ligands and hepatitis antiviral precursors.

Product Name: 5, 5'(oxy-bis(methylene))bis-2-furfural(OBMF)

CAS No. 7389-38-0

Molecular Formula : C12H10O5

Molecular Weight: 234.2


Melting Point ºC113.5-115.5
Boiling Point
Relative Density1.313g/mL at 25 ºC
StabilityStable at room temperature, store the product in sealed, cool and dry condition