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5-Hydroxymethylfurfural is an important chemical raw material. Its molecule contains an aldehyde group and a hydroxymethyl group, which can be used to synthesize many useful compounds and new polymer materials through hydrogenation, oxidative dehydrogenation, esterification, halogenation, polymerization, hydrolysis and other chemical reactions, Resin plastics, diesel fuel additives, etc.

Product Name: 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural(HMF)

CAS No. 67-47-0

Molecular Formula : C6H6O3

Molecular Weight: 126.1


Melting Point ºC28-34
Boiling Point
114-116 ºC at 1mm Hg
Relative Density1.243g/mL at 25 ºC
StabilitySensitive to air, light, heat, hygroscopic, should sealed storage below 0 ºC