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Technical Name: n - Octadecyl-β-(4-hydroxy-3,5-di-tert-butyl -phenyl )-propionate

CAS NO.: 2082-79-3

Formula: C35H62O3

Molecular Weight:530.86

AppearanceWhite crystal powder
Melting point, ℃50.0~55.0
Ash, %0.10 max
Volatilizing, %0.20 max
Transmittance, %425nm97.0 min
Transmittance, %  500nm98.0 min
Clarity of solutionClear solution
Assay, %98.0 min

Application: This product has good synergistic of antioxidant 168, DLTDP, can retard heated degradation and oxidative degradation of polymeric substances during processing and in end applications. It can be widely used for PE, PP, POM, ABS resin and other compound resin, compound rubber and petro-products. The dosage could be 0.1%~0.5%.

Package and Storage: Paper-plastic composite bags or cardboard boxes or cardboard pails with PE inner liners, net weight 25kg, or according to customers’ requirements. Store in a cool area designed for the storage of chemicals. 

Period of validity: Normally 24 months.