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Rubber Activator TS20

Rubber Activator TS20

Function:Curing activator for light-colored reinforcing fillers is used in Rubber products.

Composition: Combination of highly reinforcing silica and activating substances based on urea.

Other name: Rhenofit 1987


AppearanceWhite powder
Ash contentApprox 31%
Density, 20℃Approx 1.3g/ cm³
Discolouration of vulcanizatesNone

Properties: TS20 disperses the added components in the rubber materials, especially activates light-colored reinforcing fillers and improves the rubber products performances. This product has a certain promoting effect on vulcanization, can be used as a secondary accelerator and can improve the hardness of vulcanizates. It also can increase the transparency in the light-colored rubber products. In cellular materials, TS20 can be as a foam activating agent and effectively reduce the smell of vulcanized rubber.

Dosage: TS20 is added with the filler when used as an accelerator and dispersant. The real dosage depends on the condition of processing of customers.

Accelerator: 2-6 phr

Processing agent: 5-10% filling agent dosage

Foam activating agent: 2-6 phr

Rubber products for food: ≤9%

Application: Rubber products containing light-colored reinforcing filler: such as moulded soles, rubber sheets, medical and household products and rubber foaming materials.

Storage: Store in a dry and cool place at room temperature, the shelf life is 24 months in the original and unopened package.

Package:25kg/bag or carton.