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Dibenzylamine DBA

Product Name: Dibenzylamine DBA

CAS NO.: 103-49-1

EINECS: 203-117-7

Molecular Formula:C14H15N

Molecular Weight: 197.28

Structural Formula:

Appearance                        Clear colorless to light yellow
Purity                                        99% min
Density                                        1.026
Boiling point                                         300°C
Moisture                                      0.2% max
Imine content                                      0.5% max
Toluene                                    50ppm max


Organic synthetic intermediates used in the synthesis of penicillin and rubber accelerator, it is mainly used to produce highly efficient and non-toxic vulcanization accelerator tetrabenzyl thiuram disulfide (TBZTD) and zinc dibenzyl dithiocarbamate (ZBEC).