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Platinum(IV) Oxide

Product Name: Platinum(IV) Oxide     

CAS NO.: 1314-15-4; 11129-89-8

Molecular Formula: PtO2

Molecular Weight: 227.0828

Structural Formula:


Platinum(IV) Oxide.jpg

Appearance: Brown to black crystal

Purity: 98%

Melting Point: 450℃

Solubility: Soluble in caustic potash solution. Insoluble in water, acid, aquaregia.

Metal Content:85%

Application: Platinum(IV) oxide is used as catalyst for hydrogenation reactions. It is applied in the hydrogenation of alkenes to alkanes, nitro compounds to amines and ketones to alcohols. It is also involved in the hydrogenolysis of cyclopropyl group in to an isopropyl group and in selective oxidation of primary alcohols.