Hyoscine hydrobromide

Product Name: Hyoscine hydrobromide; Scopolamine hydrobromide

CAS No.: 114-49-8

Molecular Formula: C17H21NO4HBR

EINECS: 204-050-6

Molecular Weight: 384.26

Melting point: 195 ~199 ℃

Appearance: Colorless or white crystalline powder.

Character: Soluble in water and alcohol, slightly soluble in chloroform, almost insoluble in ether in dry air slightly weathered odorless, bitter taste.

Application: Anticholinergic drugs. It can be used to block parasympathetic nerve and also as central nervous system preparation. It acts like a belladonna, but it has a stronger effect and is shorter. It can be used for anesthesia, analgesic, antitussive, antiasthmatic, effective for motion sickness, and can also be used to control the stiffness and tremor of Parkinson's disease. After clinical research, these drugs can obviously act on the above symptoms and relieve pain. Neuropharmaceutical class. Approved worldwide.

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