Hydroxypropyl Acrylate

Product Name: Hydroxypropyl Acrylate
CAS No.: 25584-83-2
Molecular Formula: C6H10O3
Physical and Chemical Properties: The product is transparent liquid, the chroma is below 30. Relative density 1.0536(20/4℃). Boiling point 77℃(666.61Pa), refractive Index nD(25℃)1.4443. Flash point (open cup) 100℃. Freezing point is below -60℃. Glass temperature of polymer is -70℃. Soluble in water and general organic solvents, dissolved in water at any rate.

Molecular Weight:


Purity %

≥ 98.50

Chroma (APHA)

≤ 30

Free acid (in acrylic acid)%

≤ 1.00


≤ 0.30

Polymerization Inhibitor (MEHQ)ppm

Uses: Used for the production of thermosetting coating, adhesive, fiber treatment agent and modifier of synthetic resin copolymer. It can be used one of the important cross-linking functional groups as acrylic acid resin.
Toxicity Protection: The product is toxic. The operator should wear protective mask. The allowed concentration is 3mg/m3[1]

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