Intermediate – 4-Iodobiphenyl


MF: C12H9I

CAS NO.: 1591-31-7

Technical Specification: 




Off-white Crystalline Powder

Melting point

110-114 °C

Properties: It is a new type of electroplating product,liquid crystal intermediate,which integrates the advantages of various electrolytes, can enhance the ductility of the coating, and is free of chlorine. It is especially suitable for low ammonia electroplating process. It is an ideal electroplating liquid raw material; currently tetraammine palladium sulfate Mainly used in the electronics industry for palladium plating, coating computer motherboards and network plugs, manufacturing automotive catalytic crackers. Tetraammonium sulfate is synthesized mainly by a conventional method and an ion exchange process.

Application: Tetraammonium sulphate is a new type of electroplating intermediate used for palladium plating in the electronics industry. It is mainly used for coating computer motherboards and network plugs, and manufacturing automotive catalytic crackers. Due to its high electroplating efficiency, clean and environmentally friendly, it has gradually replaced traditional products such as tetraammine palladium nitrate.

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